It all happens in silence. Your words meant nothing.

You said ‘ I love you’ as the sea rose in a wall on the horizon.

The birds had been quiet a whole day-

It is a wonder how we ignore our sense for destruction;

We see the tide rising and run toward it.

I saw the cliff looming and jumped forward.

There is the voice in my head narrating the end before it is written,

Although is it written once I have said it-

Once I have thought it-

Is it predicted or foreshadowed? Did I cast it or did your God plan this?

Where is the way that a great book paved,

How do you swim to the surface when the way out is as murky as the way down?

When I drown it will be because I tried to breathe

When I knew there was no air,

It will be because my gut told me what my heart wouldn’t hear.

Your hands held me as the water met my knees,

held me steady until the salt began to ache in my throat.

I was  so dazzled by the ocean in your eyes

That I didn’t hear the seashell roar in my ears.

You had left me before the words ever came to your lips.

I was so focused treading the water between us

That I did not see you pulling in the life line,

I did know this was over yet.

Suddenly there was only the ocean. For as far as my eyes could see.



It all happened in silence,

There was only me.



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