Boys Like Benny

Benny calls,

says he’s been thinking often of me.

Asks where I’ve been, what life has brought recently.

He says someones passed, but he don’t have much more to speak.


When he writes to me,

Says has a girlfriend, but things have gotten tough.

He swears- he don’t think he’ll ever love;

There is a lot we don’t say, but I’ve known Benny long enough.


He calls late at night,

when he must know I’m not awake.

He’s had a few drinks, I can tell from miles away.

Said he misses me, been thinking ’bout the past.

He knows I’m listenin’, because he knows I’m just as bad.


It’s been a while,



But I don’t wonder , I already know.

It is all in cycles; one day he’ll call, one day he won’t.

No need to worry. Boys like Benny, they’ll never go.


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