This is Collie, she is a Katrina rescue (the small golden mix) and Coda (the Akita mix) who was a neighbor’s dog that he did not want. We also have Smoky who is a Husky/Shepherd mix that we’ve had since he was a babe! 



Nap Like Kings

I talk to my dogs.

I laugh with them. I run after the ball

with them. I sing with them and bark

and growl. I cry in hiccuping yips

in a crumpled ball on the floor

with them. They lick the salt

and kiss my cheeks until they sniff

and find the life in me.

I find with my best friends,

a new novelty in every blade of grass,

the love of Earth beneath my feet

and the meaning of unconditional

loyalty. I let emotions touch me

and run through me, being just a human,

and the most important thing I’ve learned,

is after it all, to nap like kings.

Need for Organization and some Motivation

I am coming to conclude something about myself :  I am not the best self motivator. I used to be… I think, unless I was only believing my own lies all along.

    I have not been forming the writing habits I want, and I find that if I am not in a creative writing environment ( a class or club ) where I can constantly share my work and hear and see and comment on others, then I am not nearly as motivated. So I am going to try and start a spoken word group, it is something that I am a rookie at and would love to learn more about and it will give me an environment where I can work with others to build their passion, voices, and creative arts and hopefully give me the motivation I need to keep working on mine!




     Nana told me to talk to you about god. It was a long time ago, but she said you weren’t going to Heaven if you weren’t Christian. I don’t know. She was going on about it.

                Brenna shrugged it off in the seat next to me. I stared at the road, I had never driven my mom’s car before. I laughed when she first said it, because that was Nana and her Jesus for you. The words were sticky, though. Little prickers stuck in me all day, and they kept poking. Heaven. Hell. Christian. Continue reading